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Each year over 120 billion pounds of food goes to the landfill while members of the population are struggling to provide for their families. The amount of waste is broken down into four categories of production and sale at which a large portion may be wasted.  With the right information, Americans can make small but impactful differences if the way that they shop, cook, or look at the food they consume and make smart decisions to only buy what is necessary and help limit their food waste.

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As Americans, we are very lucky. We have ample farming land, also we produce more than enough food to feed our entire population. Yet, more than 11% of our population struggles with hunger. More than 37 million Americans, or over 14 million households that struggled to put meals on the table. So, with all of this food how is America still the global leader in food waste? Each year, 40% of the food produced is never eaten and instead thrown away to sit in a landfill. That means that annually Americans throw away close to 80 billion pound of food making it the largest contributing component to landfills, making up over 22% of municipal solid waste. For this project I focused on the idea of the "American dream" and how we have taken it for granted. 


The website easy connects you to your local food banks, walks you through the largest food waste offenders, as well as ways you can help. I wanted to make sure that the illustration style stayed similar throughout the entire project.

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