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Saint Laurent

Mock fashion Campaign

Jojo Benigno | Madeline Johnson | Dara Messenger | Katie Ulsh




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For this team project we wanted to create a mock fashion campaign for the luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent  and their iconic handbags. We wanted this campaign to be bold & alluring to grab the attention of the young female entrepreneur who appreciates the finer things in life, but still needs to let loose once in a while. 

Styled by Lili Dale

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  • gif

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  • commercial


Campaign Story

This is the girls night out. Post party and downtown nightlife, this is the unseen footage of the raw and realness. Smudged makeup, messy hair, still rocking those thigh high boots and having nothing to be sorry for. The authentic and edgy attitude that we aren't ashamed of. This is what happens once the party ends...

Target Audience

Women in their mid 20's-30's who enjoy luxury goods and high-end fashion.



An animated gif depicting the end of a night out on the town.


Our team created a commercial that takes you along for girls night; late night pizza, bottles of champagne, messy hair and great memories. 

Music by Inner State 81

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