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Aura Residencies

Luxury Apartment concept



Aura Residencies is a concept for a luxury apartment complex located in Hudson Yards, New York. Hudson Yards is a new and upcoming playground for the elite and wealthy that has everything to offer. Aura Residencies would be located at the base of The Vessel which is a famous sculpture in the heart of the neighborhood. Aura Residencies is a carnival for the elite; full of mystery, wonder and it is an amazing escape for the dull reality of day to day life. 


  • brochure

  • ebook

  • business card

  • floor plans

  • folder

  • logo system

aura elements-05.png
aura elements-03.png

Target Audience

Aura Residencies is targeted towards the elite of New York; ranging from young business moguls to the heads of fortune 500 companies. The targeted ages would range from 31-59, though the concept is directed to those that enjoy adventure, whimsy and an over the top experience.

front Folder.jpg
busi card mock 2.jpg

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