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mock app & commercial

Brinna Feist | Sheldon Glisson | Amanda Johns | Dara Messenger | Brian Rodriguez



Users need an at-home sommelier with an extensive knowledge of movies and drinks that could take the guesswork out of hosting.


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Tempourum is a easy to use, sommelier in your pocket that suggests the perfect movie and drink pairing to assure your ideal night in. We guarantee a perfectly curated experience for your night at home, whether it's hosting an event or relaxing with a loved one. Simply scan the label or barcode of the movie or drink that you'd like for the evening and be instantly paired with its perfect match. We do the hard part so you can focus on the best part.

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Micro Interactions

Once selecting the application, the user is greeted by a loading screen, micro interaction of red wine filling the screen with the logo shining through. The second micro interaction is an example of one of the loading pages after you have placed an order or selected a subscription plan.




Our team created a fun, satirical commercial to represent the difficulties of planning a perfect night of hosting, even if it’s last minute! We filmed at a local liquor store, Johnnie Ganem Package Shop. I personally was in charge of filming, editing and narrating the commercial.  


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