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The Galápagos

 Book covers, poster & calendar 



The Galápagos Islands is a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean consisting of 13 islands. The Galápagos are home to several unique and endangered species of animals and home to only 25,000 human inhabitants. The islands are considered to be over 93% national park that was the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. This project took inspiration from the islands shapes which were formed by the volcanic eruptions over the course of 5 million years forming rings and layers of new land.


  • book covers

  • book interior

  • calendar 

  • poster

galapagos hummingbird-04.png


The Ebook consisted of over 40 pages of informational text and research about the island and its animal inhabitants featuring vibrant images that lead the viewers eyes across the screen. 

galapagos elements-04.png

Target Audience

This project is intended for ages 10 - 29; younger generations that are interested in learning more about the environment and geological wonders of the world.


The design was inspired by the topographic lines of the islands and their volcanic systems as well and the depths of their oceans and trenches. The calendars are specifically shaped to represent different islands and their volcanic structures.


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