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The illusion of joy by Patty carroll- exhibition

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The Anonymous Woman series by Patty Carroll is about the obsessive accumulation of “things” to create an illusion of ones self. “things” is an exhibit that addresses obsession, mania, anxiety and infatuation. Accomplished with a sense of humor through the eyes of Patty Carroll, and the use of saturated color and competing patterns. 


Project Links

  • museum exhibit

  • exhibit poster

  • booklet

  • merchandise



For the exhibition walls I wanted to focus on the mundane turned obsessive. I focused on the repetition of typographic elements within the title itself. I wanted the viewer to have the sense of too much of a good thing while walking into the exhibit. The introduction paragraph is meant to get the viewer into the mindset of the artist and introduce the deeper meanings behind the whimsical design.

Exhibition Merchandise

For my product design I wanted to introduce a remedy for the stresses that being a housewife entails, this is why I chose to do a mixer set. I wanted to continue the contour lines and overwhelming patterns that are featured throughout the exhibit, while introducing a new and refreshing sense of beauty when opening the box and seeing the flowers for the first time. I wanted the flowers to be an unexpected surprise for the women who puts everyone else first. 

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